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Birthday Celebration

When friends and family come together in such large numbers to throw a surprise party and celebrate your special day, it means you are very….special to us.

On the 17th November, 2018 the Lions family came together to celebrate a very special person in the club and her milestone birthday: our blonde bombshell – the dynamic and generous Lion Patricia Bazell-Taylor, PMJF. For those who know and love her, her name is often abbreviated to Lion Pat BT, or simply “BT”.

Lion Pat BT originally hails from the UK but has made the Cayman Islands her home for many years and is a Past President of our Club who serves the community selflessly. The celebration took place at The Thai Orchid restaurant and the surprise of it had Lion Pat BT utterly gobsmacked!

We all love you Lion Pat BT and look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you!

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