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LCIF is 50 years old

As the official charitable organization of Lions Clubs International, a leading humanitarian organization, Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) supports Lions’ compassionate works by providing grant funding for their local and global humanitarian efforts. Since its founding in 1968, LCIF has awarded more than 13,000 grants totaling over US$1 billion. LCIF will continue to work every day to support humanitarian service projects all over the world and give hope to those who need it. The Club’s LCIF Coordinator is an ambassador for Lions Clubs International Foundation. The Coordinator shares LCIF stories, motivates fellow Lions to support LCIF, and enable LCIF to advance its humanitarian

Garage Sale

Christmas is around the corner and many are decluttering their homes. Our monthly garage sale is back and we looking for new and gently used items. All funds raised at the sale go directly to helping the community. Contact a Lion member to donate, or send us a Facebook message.

Birthday Celebration

When friends and family come together in such large numbers to throw a surprise party and celebrate your special day, it means you are very….special to us. On the 17th November, 2018 the Lions family came together to celebrate a very special person in the club and her milestone birthday: our blonde bombshell – the dynamic and generous Lion Patricia Bazell-Taylor, PMJF. For those who know and love her, her name is often abbreviated to Lion Pat BT, or simply “BT”. Lion Pat BT originally hails from the UK but has made the Cayman Islands her home for many years and is a Past President of our Club who serves the community selflessly. The celebration took place at The Thai Orchid restaurant and t

Stride for Diabetes Parade

On 10th November 2018, The Lions Club of Tropical Garden in collaboration with CIDA stride for Diabetes took part in the annual Pirates’ Week Parade in George Town, Grand Cayman. The contingent sought to draw awareness to diabetes and diabetes prevention. Thousand of people from young to old stood on Harbour Drive, many dressed as Pirates and Wenches. The participating Lions, all dressed in white in blue, distributed educational material on diabetes to the public. LCTG Committee Chairperson Lion Maxine Bravo said: “Our goal is to provide the community with as much knowledge on diabetes care and prevention as possible”. People know a lot more about diabetes than they did 20years ago. These

Remembrance Day Parade

On the 11th November, 2018 the Cayman Islands held its Remembrance Sunday parade and ceremony in honour of military veterans both living and dead. In particular we remember the lives lost in World Wars 1 and 11. The ceremony started at 11.00am with a parade of veterans, police and fire brigade, scouts, cadets, the Lions Club of Tropical Gardens and The Lions Club of Grand Cayman all smartly dressed in their respective uniforms. With the sound of the drums and the trumpet filling the air, the participants briskly marched to the Elmslie Memorial Church on the waterfront of George Town in Grand Cayman. Governor Martyn Roper and members of the government and public took part in laying wreaths at

Stopping Violence against Women

On 25th November, 2018 awareness on violence against women was promoted and the Lions Club of Tropical Gardens stood firmly in support of ending the violence. Violence is not inevitable it can be prevented. Yet, one in three women experience violence in their lifetime. As Lions, we must do more to protect our girls and women, acknowledging that many women no longer feel safe in their homes, on the streets, at their jobs or while doing everyday activities. Ironically, in many cases, the violence is at the hands of someone they love.

Children’s Day

Children’s day was celebrated on 20th November, 2018 – a day set aside to specially honour and promote the welfare of the world’s children: “To protect, secure and educate the well-being of the child”. To commemorate the day of the Child (and our youth in general), The Lions Club of Tropical Gardens assisted 14year old Abrinna Marshall, with eye testing/medical care. Lion Dr. Krishna Mani was instrumental in rendering this treatment and is an invaluable medical resource, while not being a member of our own Club. Thank you, Lion Dr Mani!

National Diabetes Month

Diabetes month was celebrated on 14th November, 2018. Just one sleepless night could increase your risk for type 2 diabetes. One in eight persons has diabetes, a condition where the body does not use insulin or make enough of it, causing blood glucose levels to climb. Type 1 diabetes is a condition where you have little or no pancreatic function; and Type 2 diabetes is based on a lot of factors: genes, climate change and one’s environment. People often say that if you do not eat so much sugar, you would not have diabetes or controlling your diet and exercise will cure your diabetes. While a proper diet and exercise are incredibly important, diabetes is very complex and very confusing. For so


November is here and preparations for the upcoming holiday season are in full swing. The twinkling lights start to be strung and the traditional Christmas carols now being played on the radio take us back to simpler times. We see the excitement in the eyes of our little ones as they are reminded to be good for Santa Claus. The cooler months encourage us to cuddle up and enjoy time with loved ones, like a night at home watching a movie. It is a time for family and one of thanksgiving and togetherness. We are reminded of how much we have to be thankful for. We pause from our everyday busyness to reflect on our current state of affairs and give thanks. While scents of pumpkin pie and cranberry

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